Acura Canada Lease Agreement

Now that your lease is almost done, you may be wondering what`s to come. It`s a good idea to think about your end of rental decisions, especially if you have 6 months or less in your lease. Ask for our rental and pre-inspection and check your vehicle before the end of the test. Maybe we can eliminate a possible end to rents. Simple, convenient and thanks to the loyalty program, we can offer you special rates and conditions if you enter into a new lease for a new Acura. With lower monthly rents over a shorter period of time, you can drive a new vehicle more frequently. You can contact us at: Honda Canada Inc. – Honda Canada: – Acura Canada: Honda Canada Finance Inc. – Honda Financial Services: – Acura Financial Services: The website can allow you to create and apply for credit online with Honda Canada Finance Inc. This service is only for your comfort. While Honda Canada takes steps to protect information transmitted through the online credit application form, you understand that the transfer of sensitive information over the Internet carries safety risks and that Honda Canada cannot completely eliminate these risks. If you would like to use a paper credit application, please contact your dealer. If you use the online credit application form, you agree that the online balance application has the same legal value as if you had prepared and signed a printed version of the credit application.

You authorize Honda Canada Finance Inc. to verify all information in your credit application, including with the assistance of a third party, to determine if the information you provide corresponds to file information at one or more credit bureaus. You also authorize Honda Canada Finance Inc. to receive a credit report from one or more credit bureaus related to the review of your credit application. Information on how Honda Canada Finance Inc. You`ll find Honda Canada Finance Inc.`s privacy policy. Option 4: Return your vehicle to the dealership. If your rented vehicle is involved in an accident, the vehicle may have been damaged or stolen. For insurance companies, a “copy” means a fair market value minus your deductible. Your insurance compensation may not always meet your contractual obligation. Our Future Value Lease offers you protection against such situations.

The monetary gap between your reduced insurance compensation for your deductible and your rental commitment is automatically covered by our CAP. Some conditions may apply. For more information, contact your local retailer. Remember that in the last two months of your lease, you still need to plan a free vehicle inspection. You are also responsible for all unpaid payments, excessive wear and tear, excessive mileage and all other obligations at the end of the term stipulated in your lease. Option 1: Return your vehicle and rent a new Acura. If you are happy to drive a new vehicle every two or four years, want lower monthly payments, be protected by the warranty, drive an average number of kilometres and be able to maintain your vehicle properly, you should consider leasing as an option. A firm final lease means that there are a specified number of payments that you must make over the life of your lease and the leasing company determines the price or final value of your vehicle`s lease at the end of the life. Once the lease is concluded, you can purchase the vehicle at the predetermined price specified in your rental agreement, plus the taxes to be paid or return it without further commitment.