Wps Office Free License Agreement

Under Apache license, version 2.0 (the “license”); You can only use this file in accordance with the license. You can get a copy of the license www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0 permission is granted free of charge to anyone: who receives a copy of this software and associated documentation files (the “Software”) in order to process the Software without restriction, including, but not limited to rights, copies, modifications, merger, publication, distribution, sub-licensing and/or sale of copies of the Software, and allowing the people to whom the Software is made available to do so, under the following conditions: Finally, many people have asked us for a non-credit/responsibility form. We therefore recommend that you use the following text: Parts of this software are copyright ©The FreeType Project (www.freetype.org). All rights reserved. Replace this with the value of the FreeType version you`re actually using. The copyright mentions contained in the software and the entire statement, including the issuance of the above license, this restriction and the following disclaimer, must be included in all or part of the software copies, and in all works derived from the Software, unless those copies or derivative works are exclusively in the form of machine-run object code generated by a source language processor. This license applies to all files found in such packages that do not fall under their own explicit license. The license thus affects at least the FreeType font engine, test programs, documentation and makefiles. Since you haven`t signed this license, you don`t need to accept it.

However, since the FreeType project is copyrighted material, only this license or any other license under contract with the authors grants you the right to use, distribute and modify it. Therefore, if you use, distribute or modify the FreeType project, you indicate that you understand and accept all the terms of this license. You cannot download, install or use the software unless you have purchased a license for the software in one of the following ways: (1) by sourcing directly from the company or the company`s website; (2) by acquiring the software from licensed distributors or resellers or retailers with the right to sublicensing the software; or (3) by acquiring software from mobile app stores and other e-commerce stores that have the right to sublicensing the software.