This Agreement Is Made In Two Original Copies

Contracting parties cannot denounce this agreement. B by mutual consent or in accordance with one of the provisions of this section, before the expiry of the deadline set/provided for in the part of this agreement; (a) This agreement is executed on 12 January 2005 (or, alternatively, on the twelfth day of January, two thousand and five if the context may require it) by and between Part 1 and Part 2; or in the terminology of the Anglo-American contract, a copy of a contract is called “consideration.” When a contract is signed, it is customary for each party to retain a consideration for the agreement. But why do we need this term? (f) This agreement was written in English and Ukrainian and executed in two copies (two) with the same legal force and authenticity. In the event of a discrepancy between the Ukrainian and English texts of this agreement, preference will be given to the English text. (e) the agreement is established in four Ukrainian-language copies, kept by each party; All copies are applicable in the same way; (b) When/when/when/if disputes or disputes arise as a result of this agreement or in connection with this agreement, the parties resolve these disputes or disputes through amicable negotiations between the parties; (c) Part 1, z.B., and Part 2 commits to carrying out the work at the quality level. Herein/At that/Thereat/On this/For this purpose/With that/Thereby/In this look/To this purpose/In this purpose/In due review Party 1, undertakes to do its best/to do everything in its power within the limits of applicable legislation/within the law; any subsequent amendments to this agreement are reflected in the annexes to this agreement, which are carried out by both parties; No provision of this agreement can be amended, amended or repealed, for example. B by an instrument signed in writing by the contracting parties, and expressly called amendment, amendment or waiver. Clearly irreplaceable in the Oxford Collocations Dictionary for Students of English translation practice, the following extension offers us as it should be: close/enter/enter/realize/come/come/negotiate/work on agreement) (s.17 “Agreement”). (a) a party that is unable to meet its obligations under this agreement informs the other party, within working days, of the appearance and termination of the circumstances that prevent that first party from fulfilling its obligations; or The concept of signing a contract in double counterparties, considered original, is often expressed in Spanish contracts as firmado por duplicado ejemplar has a s`lo efecto or with similar wording. (a) This agreement is executed in two copies for each party; Each copy of the agreement is in English and Ukrainian language and is identical in terms of meaning. The Ukrainian text z.B is a priority for the interpretation of this agreement; (b) Subject to/under the following sentence, Part 1 ensures that all services provided under this Agreement will be provided with the required expertise, diligence and due diligence, appropriately and professionally and in accordance with previous practice; All communications to be transmitted in the context of this sub-activity must be written and signed by the contracting party that this notification, or by its authorized representative, and sent by mail or mail or any other form (the receipt of which must be proven by a transmission report) with mandatory sending of the original copy to the addresses of the following contracting parties below; b) The facts that explain the existence of the above circumstances must be submitted to the evidence by a competent body of Ukraine.

If one party does not inform the other party of the existence of such circumstances, it has no right to indicate force majeure as a ground for non-compliance with its obligations.