Uteb Industrial Agreement

Asked whether the case would lead union members to take union action, Thompson noted that this would be their last resort. NASSAU, BAHAMAS – The Union of Intestinal Educators of the Bahamas (UTEB) will hold a demonstration in front of the University of the Bahamas after a further failure of its negotiations on the existence agreements. The article UTEB, UB to reach an agreement first appeared on The Nassau Guardian. The Union of Tertiary Educators of the Bahamas (UTEB) yesterday signed a new industrial agreement with the University of the Bahamas (UB) on the university campus after months of tensions over negotiations. The last contract expired in 2017. UTEB members held demonstrations on campus […] The union`s employment contract has been expiring since 2017. Ub officials could not be contacted before press time to take a position. “It`s weird. It really expresses the contempt they have for us.

“We went back and forth with the administration and the last response to our advocacy was that they sent us a proposal that cost us about 82 cents a day or $300 a year for most of our members,” Thompson said. “We have our students to consider and members are very aware of the role we play in national development. However, he continued: “We want 2020 on a new slate and with new conditions of employment with new conditions, as agreed by the AI, and that is what we are looking forward to… We are therefore confident that the university will take the opportunity to make the right decision. UTEB President Daniel Thompson told Eyewitness News Online yesterday that the union had rejected the university`s proposal to increase its membership by 82 cents a day, “with full after and h. ” We are the Institute for Higher Learning in the country, and I think that at this level we have to do the highest level of respect, the highest level of organization, the highest level of decision-making, and I think we are moving in that direction. Use the comment form below to start a discussion about this content. However, in an interview with The Tribune this week, Mr. Thompson noted that the problems previously highlighted by the union have largely been resolved. “We are already above 82 cents and the only thing we are asking them to do is rethink the package and be more reasonable, but we are confident that colder heads will prevail and I think colder heads have prevailed,” he added. “You can`t tell the Bahamas, which has been studying for 11 years, whether they get a doctorate in mathematics or physics or whatever you`re offering them an increase of 82 cents a day.